The Dysfunctional Back Button — Don’t Do This

Visit this website and you’ll be infiltrated by three separate popup modals and two banners urging you to sign up for something. You’ll be forced to sequentially close the popups and banners to actually see the text on the page. One modal, fine — but three of them? And two banners? A bit excessive. The worst is yet to come though — reserved for when you try to hit the back button to return to whatever page you were previously on. No, it’s not an alert box asking you to confirm that you want to leave, or a case of the infinitely-refreshing page. This site decided to opt for a far more bold and dubious infringement of good UX. Potentially the “holy-grail” of annoying website practices: hitting back on this site will scroll you up about a ¼ of a centimeter.

If you clicked on this site from a Google search and were hoping to go back to the results, you can kiss that dream goodbye. You’ll be clicking the back button for at least five minutes, potentially years. If you dare stay on the site in a last-ditch attempt to salvage your tab, you’ll be solicited once again with a popup requesting permission to send you push notifications. Which, I can only assume would lead to never-ending push notifications, too. Either way, the authors of this site have clearly chosen one method of retaining users: through force.

With all jokes aside, this site is a great example of web developers going too far in the name of conversions. Like, way too far. This site is so intrusive I thought I accidentally clicked on a satirical site made to highlight frustrating UX by reddit user ….

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Freelance web designer and operator of Snappy Web Design

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Snappy Web Design

Snappy Web Design

Freelance web designer and operator of Snappy Web Design

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